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The elves have a comfortable village in the middle of a lush wood that is safe and sheltered as long as they keep the monsters in the shadows away. Luckily, they have a dragon that looks out for them, in exchange for a small sacrifice once each generation. What if that sacrifice is interrupted?



Eris has been told her whole life that she will be part of a cycle that has been keeping the elves safe for generations. She's never been allowed to learn magic on her own, and has led a sheltered life which has made her very curious.



Moros thinks Eris deserves a different life. He's loved her since they were children and tries to treat her to all the experiences he can. He's good with magic, studies hard, and has been slowly rising in the Order.

The Order of the Sun

The Order of the Sun

The Order of the Sun is the network of priests, politicians and guards who run the city and keep the peace. The priests preside over the magic, the politicians make the laws and the guards ensure that both are respected. The library tower and attached hall is their headquarters and common meeting place.

About the Artist

My name is Christina and all I've ever wanted to be is an artist. I attended Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, where I learned techniques and skills that I've continued to hone over the years. I've worked with a variety of mediums but I draw my comics digially.

My goal is to tell stories in visual ways. Humans have a long history of illustrating complex ideas, scenes, and rituals. It's a universal way of communicating.

I wanted to play on the tropes and themes in the fantasy genre that I love so much, and since I feel that I am stronger at storytelling visually rather than with words, I took the challenge of telling this story without them.

A few years ago I teamed up with writer/artist Jared and we started Night Shift Comics. Together we poke fun at ourselves, nerd culture, fantasy and sci-fi media and tropes, and other things we enjoy.

If you enjoy this story and want to help support the artist, you can purchase Seized here. It comes with additional pages and content.

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